How to deal with intimidating people

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They will threaten to sue you for intentional infliction of emotional distress if you dare criticize them in any way.They will threaten to sue you for assault and battery if you trip and inadvertently brush against them.gain cooperation and commitment without being heavy-handed ... is a powerful one-day seminar designed to provide you with the communication essentials you need to manage with greater confidence and authority.Through interactive exercises, insightful discussions, and activities, you’ll master people skills and assertive communication techniques guaranteed to give you an edge when you deal with people, problems, and situations that once caused you stress. Need training, but don’t have time to get out of the office? They are a fast and convenient way to get the training you need ... Meet with him or her at least once a week, and talk about whatever is weighing you down––how ridiculous the lawsuit is, how stressed out you are, what the new developments in your case are, how you feel, how this is affecting your family and finances, and how you are coping with everything. Use of and access to this blog or any of the email links contained within the site do not create an attorney-client relationship between the author and the user or browser.The opinions expressed at or through this site are the opinions of the individual author and may not reflect the opinions of any law firm or I just happened upon your post, while doing a homework assignment in "frivolous lawsuits." I really enjoyed reading it.To get great results, you’ve got to be authoritative without steamrolling people ...

I have been fighting a frivolous lawsuit for two years.

For some people, the knee-jerk reaction to conflict is to threaten a lawsuit.

These people will threaten to sue you for trespass if the vines in your backyard grow over their precious property line by an inch.

If you need to be mean and intimidating toward someone, then you have to have an attitude of "I don't care what anyone thinks," a healthy dose of confidence, and the words to back it up.

If you want to know how to be mean and intimidating when you need to be, see Step 1 to be on your way.

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Knowing When to Act Adopting the Attitude Taking Action Community Q&A Being mean and intimidating all the time can be exhausting and won't help you make any friends.

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